Condizioni di vendita e Privacy Policy

General Conditions for Online Sales

These General Conditions for Online Sales (hereinafter also CGVO) govern online purchases of products from the website managed by MEI Valvole Industriali Srl, currently in Coselli (LU), via Stipeti 56, Tax Code and VAT Number 01684790460.

These CGVO form an integral and substantial part of the sale agreement regarding any product and once an order is sent it entails full acceptance by the Client.

The purchase agreement and related procedures are available in Italian and English.


1.1 “Website” is the internet site, dedicated to the online sale of articles manufactured and marketed by MEI Valvole Industriali Srl.

1.2 “Client” is the subject (natural or legal person) carrying out the purchase from the Site and accepting the general conditions of sale.

1.3 “Order” is the order form for the goods offered for sale by MEI Valvole Industriali Srl and filled in by the Client via the Website.

1.4 “Products” are all the products which, according to the indications on the related detailed page of the Website, are offered for sale by MEI Valvole Industriali Srl, the purchase of which is governed by these CGVO.

1.5 “Price” is the consideration for the sale of the goods marketed and manufactured by MEI Valvole Industriali srl.

1.6 “Working day”: any day of the week, except for Saturday, Sunday and holidays pursuant to Italian law.

1.7 “Contract” is the distance contract having the sale of the Products as subject matter, based on the CGVO.

1.8 “Parties” are MEI Valvole Industriali Srl and the Client.


2.1 The Products are offered on sale according to the terms and conditions provided under the contract published on the website at the time of the Order. The Client, by means of sending the purchase Order, acknowledges to have examined, understood and accepted these CGVO. In relation thereto, the Client is advised to download, save or print the CGVO in force when the purchase Order is sent. In any case, it shall be exclusively bound to the CGVO in the version in force when the related purchase is made.

2.2 The contract is understood as concluded and binding to the Parties once MEI Valvole Industriali srl sends its acceptance by means of Order Confirmation (OCV) to the Client’s email address, indicated by the latter during the registration to the website.

2.3 Price and Products may undergo changes, without the necessity for prior notice. MEI Valvole Industriali srl reserves the right to change or update the products offered on the website at any time, without any prior notice whatsoever. The offered Products and related prices are valid for as long as they can be consulted on the Site. The Client is invited to consult the availability of the items, starting from the informatory fact sheet for each item.


3.1 Each Product selected by the Website user can be displayed on a dedicated web page containing a description and photographic images and which highlights the unit price (VAT exclusive).

3.2 Having chosen the items of their interest, the Client shall enter such Products in their “basket”. Said “basket” shall be displayed with a brief description summarising the selected Products, including a description, together with one or more photographic images in electronic format allowing the Products to be adequately represented.

3.3 The Client is required to verifying the accuracy of the contents of the “basket” before finishing the Order, by completing the on-line purchase form according to the instructions for the sale procedure provided on the dedicated Website page.

3.4 The procedure is completed once the Client selects the “Order Confirmation” in the Order summary page displayed at the end of the related procedure. This can be amended or cancelled where necessary, before receipt of the Confirmation sent by MEI Valvole Industriali Srl at the end of the sales contract.

3.5 The Order Confirmation constitutes proof of the Client’s acceptance of the provisions pursuant to these CGVO.
3.6 The Client is also given the possibility to purchase Products by means of contacting Customer service on +39 0583 403265 from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30.

3.7 The aforementioned orders shall be filed at the MEI Valvole Industriali Srl data centre and the Client shall be able to follow the status of their Order by contacting Customer service on +39 0583 403265 from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30.


4.1 Prices are given in Euros (€) and do not include value added tax (VAT) at the rate in force for the respective product categories of pertinence.

4.2 The total price as found at the end of the Order does not include delivery costs where envisaged.

4.3 MEI Valvole Industriali Srl reserves the right to change the prices of the Products offered for sale on the Website at any time and without prior notice. The Client shall be debited the prices published on the Website when the Client sends the Order.

4.4 MEI Valvole Industriali Srl exclusively accepts payments made by credit card, Paypal and Bank Transfer.

4.5 Payment of the Price must be settled in full when the Order is completed, by bank transfer, Paypal or Credit Card.

4.6 Products shall be delivered exclusively after verification of effective payment by the Client.

4.7 If one or more Products are not available, only the Price related to available Products shall be charged.

4.8 Invoices are issued exclusively in electronic format.


5.1 MEI Valvole Industriali srl shall not deliver any Orders addressed to a postal box or accept any Orders from which it is not possible to identify the subject who has made such Order, the recipient of the ordered Products or the delivery address.


6.1 Delivery costs are understood as charged to the Client who shall call their courier once the notice of goods ready has been received from our Sales Office.

6.2 Product delivery times: delivery is always specified next to the description of the Product. Where not specified, we invited you to call Customer service on +39 0583 403265 from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30.

6.3 If one or more products are unavailable after the Order, MEI Valvole Industriali srl may proceed with delivering the other products. Partial delivery is deemed as valid and does not entitle the client to refuse delivery, or to compensation or indemnities.

6.4 In the event of problems or delays in delivery exceeding 15 (fifteen) working days from the date indicated in the Order Confirmation email, the Client is requested to report this event to MEI Valvole Industriali srl using the Contact Us section in the Website or the Customer Service number given thereafter.


7.1 MEI Valvole Industriali srl shall not be liable for delayed fulfilled of its obligations, pursuant to the contract, if such delay is due to circumstances out of its reasonable control. In the event of a delay due to force majeure, MEI Valvole Industriali srl shall be entitled to an extension in the terms as required in order to fulfil such obligations.


8.1 Should defects be found in the Products subject matter of purchase, pursuant to these CGVO, the Consumer may validly contact, until expiry 2 (two) months from such discovery, MEI Valvole Industriali Srl, according to the procedures indicated in these CGVO and request the repair or replacement of the Product. The choice between repair and replacement shall be at the Consumer’s discretion, unless the chosen remedy proves to be objectively impossible or excessively expensive compared to its alternative.

8.2 MEI Valvole Industriali srl shall carry out repairs and replacements requested, as the case may be, within a congruent term from receipt of the Consumer’s request. MEI Valvole Industriali srl invites the most detailed description possible of the defect found and, where applicable, transmission of a copy of the Order documents or an indication of the Order number and all other data useful for the correct identification of the complaint by email.

8.3 If the requested repair or replacement prove to be impossible or excessively expensive, or have not taken place within the congruent term, or have caused the Consumer considerable inconvenience, the latter may make a request accordingly for the price to be reduced or the Contract to be terminated. In any case Contract termination due to defect or entity shall not be admitted when, with regard to the latter, it is effectively impossible or excessively expensive to proceed with the repair or replacement of the related Products.

8.4 As to any requests, MEI Valvole Industriali Srl invites, in any case, the Client to contact Customer service; this may be by a letter sent by recorded delivery sent to MEI Valvole Industriali srl, Via Stipeti 56, 55060 Coselli (LU) or by email to

8.5 If the Products do not match the ordered Products, the Client is bound to notifying MEI Valvole Industriali srl thereof immediately by means of Customer Service and has the right to enforce execution of the Order according to the original provision, subject to return of the received goods or, if the ordered Products become unavailable, to order different items of the same nature or, alternatively, be refunded the difference in price, where applicable, or cancel the entire Order, according to the indications hereabove.


9.1 Trademarks, logos and other distinctive marks of various kinds on the website belong to the respective owners.

9.2 It is forbidden for unauthorised third parties to use trademarks, logos and other distinctive marks, including reproduction on other internet websites.

9.3 The contents of the website (text, graphics, images and animation) are copyright protected.

Art. 10 – PRIVACY

10.1 Data communicated by the Client required for executing the contract are processed in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 2003 on the matter of the “Protection of personal data”.


11.1 Upon each amendment to these CGVO, MEI Valvole Industriali srl shall promptly publish the CGVO on the Website. Once amended they shall become an integral and substantive part of the new Contracts, as from the first order sent by the Client, following publication thereof on the Website and the related Order acceptance email from MEI Valvole Industriali Srl.


12.1 All communications between the Parties shall be made in writing and sent to the other party’s address as indicated in the Order sales contract. Communications sent to the other party’s email address, indicated in the Order, are also understood as made in writing.

Art. 13 – LINGUA

13.1 The sales contract is drawn up in Italian and also available in English.


14.1 The contract shall be governed and interpreted in conformity to Italian laws.

14.2 Competent for all disputes arising from the contract or related thereto shall be:
a. the Court of the place of residence, domicile or registered office of the Client, if the client is a consumer pursuant to the normative in force
b. exclusively that of the registered office of MEI Valvole Industriali srl in all other cases.

We also specify that pursuant to article 1523 of the Civil Code (Retention of title agreement), transfer of ownership in favour of the buyer shall only take place upon payment of the last price instalment, whereas the latter assumes the risks until the time of delivery.
The parties agree that the sale is performed with retention of ownership on the sold material in favour of the Seller until full payment of the agreed price, pursuant to art. 1523 civil code.
Pursuant to art. 1523 civil code, the buyer assumes the risks, dangers and consequences deriving from any theft, fire, fortuitous events, damages to persons, objects or other and such buyer, regardless of the occurrence thereof, must observe the obligations and methods of payment, as agreed.
Failure to pay even only one instalment within the established terms, which exceeds the eighth part of the sale price, or failure to pay two instalments within the established terms, shall entitle the seller the faculty to deem this contract terminated by law. In this case the seller shall have the right to obtain the immediate return of the sold material and retain collected instalments, by way of damage and lease fee, always without prejudice to compensation for further damage.
Should they not wish to avail of the express termination clause, the seller may nullify the buyer’s time limit benefit. In this case the purchasing Company shall arrange for immediate full payment of the agreed price.