DV4 DN 350 – DN 900

Product characteristics

Butterfly valves for fumes and high temperatures

Metal/metal seat

Tightness class III according to ANSI B 16.104

Low pressure drops

Maintenance operations are limited to the traditional packing of the stem with an adjustable stubbing box

Standard series DN 350 – DN 900

Suitable for flanges EN 1092-1:2001 PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, ANSI 150 RF

Materials: carbon steel, SS316 and SS304

Max temperature: 400°C

Guaged and electro-welded body

The finned elements welded on the body allow the cooling of the upper shaft where seals are located

Electro-welded disc with transverse reinforcements

Lower and upper shafts are fixed to the disc by pins

Shaft seat: expanded graphite packing

Graphite bushing trees

Product Applications:

Fumes and high temperatures